Why Does Marketing Matter?

By | Last Updated: 29th May 2019 | This post may contain Affiliate Links

Marketing is arguably one of the most important elements in a business, after all if your target audience doesn’t know your products and services exist how are you meant to sell them?

Building business through relationships is a positive and effective strategy, marketing gives you the spontaneity to build relationships while also conveying your message at the same time. Remember a vital part of the strategy is recognising and building relationships with people who would value the products and services you offer.

Often businesses and organisations equate marketing with sales, but marketing is much more than that. Remember not all of your potential customers are in the same place in the marketing or sales cycle.

Some are gathering basic information about your products and service. Some might not even know if they want what you sell. Other people are comparing your products and services with your competition. Good marketing knows that the information people need varies with where they are in the process. Good marketing also knows that you can’t move someone ahead in the process just because your sales are down, there’s a process which needs to happen.

Of course, the marketing and selling process can be different depending on which industry or sector you operate within, however it’s important to note that marketing isn’t just about highlighting and conveying the same message repeatedly, successful marketing will examine data and metrics from internal and external sources, it will use this information to adapt and change campaigns if needed.

From this sales, leads and brand awareness should increase to match the goals and objectives set by a company or organisation.

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