Word of Mouth Marketing Strategies

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Word-of-mouth advertising is important for every business, as each happy customer can steer dozens of new ones your way. Remember word of mouth is all about creating a buzz. It’s a passive way of gaining a following. The more you interact with people the more likely your name and reputation will spread.

Word of mouth doesn’t have to happen just through people speaking in person, it can also happen when your content gets shared, for example through many forms of media such as videos, blogs, images and so on. As this form of marketing, Word of mouth is great because its free and can result in additional sales without you needing to do anything, offering a top-quality product or service that is easy to capture and describe can sell itself through your customers and ultimately make you a lot of extra money.

There are many benefits of word of mouth marketing, for example it’s been recently stated that more than half of all consumers (which is around 58%) share their positive experiences with a company on social media. Equally to re-enforce this point, Nielsen found that 84% of consumers say they completely or somewhat trust product recommendations from those around them like friends, family, and co-workers.

If this type of marketing sounds like something you’d be interested in, here are some amazing word of mouth marketing strategies and techniques you can use to your advantage:

Social Currency

You should think of word of mouth marketing like social currency – after all people trust what others say and display, if more people are using your company, products or services then in the eyes of your audience, you must be offering something good – this means they believe and trust your brand, which is obviously a good thing.

Social media in particular has allowed customers and fans to post images and videos of using companies’ products, remember consumers feel more confident in the information they’re sharing when they’re contributing something that’s worth talking about. You can even take simple steps to encourage word of mouth by getting customers to create content for you. Post customer photos on your social media or on your product pages, don’t forget to credit them in the post!

Provide value

If you establish yourself with a small number of people when you’re just starting, they’ll then share their positive experience with friends – you may not remember the last time you shared a average restaurant or service with someone, but you’ll certainly be able to remember an remarkable experience or event. Sharing valuable information makes your products, services or brand valuable in the eyes of your target audience. Great, unique customer experiences, along with having a great product, can help increase your value, and your word of mouth potential.

Use Hashtags

If you run multiple social media profiles, having one brandable hashtag can be a fantastic marketing tactic, it doesn’t have to be anything complex or fancy, you could simply use your business name. Although at the start the hashtag may not get used a lot, with time its use will increase. Add it to all your packaging and correspondence to increase its visibility to your audience.

While for some industries, it can be hard to track whether sales have come directly from the hashtag or some other channel, this simple tactic helps build a stronger brand awareness.

Create an Affiliate Program

An affiliate program can also sometimes be known as a referral program, its designed to help you to increase your marketing campaigns to a wider audience. Basically, you offer a commission when a product or service is purchased. This means your customers can easily refer their friends and family to your items and earn a reward for doing so. Remember, as most people purchase through trust of their family and friends, this marketing tactic can be fantastic for a lot of businesses and companies throughout the world.

Provoke Emotions – In marketing a lot of consumer purchasing is created through the use of playing on emotions, this means when you create emotion you also create value. Generally, people are more likely to share something that promotes high excitement, and people are more likely to share experiences in which they had some sort of emotion towards. Think how many times you’ve told people about an average experience, not many times I bet. People only share things when it’s been amazing or absolutely terrible – of course, you want your services and products to be shared because they’ve created a fantastic emotional response.

Give People No Choice

Many brands and companies are creating content which simply needs to be spoken about, think about Red Bull, they are arguably one of the best companies in the world for viral and word of mouth marketing. After all some of their marketing campaigns feature high energy and extreme stunts, such as a man skydiving from the edge of space or stuntmen jumping from planes in mid-air.

Remember when you do something extreme to get attention, you’re going to get people talking. While most brands don’t have the budget to do extreme stunts, you can still get a similar impact with easy to implement ideas.

Creating and executing a word of mouth campaign can be great for many companies, it can help to increase brand awareness, generate engagement and increase sales. You should remember that in the beginning you may need to encourage your audience to tag friends on social media posts, share their product photos online and leave product reviews and testimonials. Hopefully some of the tips and strategies in this section will help to inspire you into creating content which your audience can easily share amongst their friends and family. Remember with other forms of marketing, word of mouth can be fantastic for most brands, so what are you waiting for?

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